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The Stewardesses 3D

One of the stewardesses makes it with the base of a lamp

Memorable lesbian scene

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Michelob Light

The Stewardesses 3-D (1971)

Shot using innovative camera/lens devices, Stewardesses 3D was a smash hit, eclipsed shortly after by Damiano's Deep Throat.

The movie opens with a crazy sex scene, as one of the stewardesses is busy with a suitor as her co-worker tries to open the door to the hotel room.

In the next act, a SGA Airlines 747 takes off, and the pilot makes a request: "What's that new girl's name .. send her up front for an orientation." A bit of cockpit play proceeds soon after this.

An odd scene in which Josie makes a play for Cathy really stands out. Josie, who happens to be Cathy's boss, offers her a promotion, and then mentions how much she likes her, and how she wants to express her affections for her. She muses that she is like the ocean, making 'waves' onto Kathy's body. Kathy is a bit surprised at first, but plays along as her inhibitions are put to rest.

We find out later, in the DVD extras, that this scene was shot totally ad-lib!

Overall there is little or no plot in Stewardesses 3D - the only sub plot of substance involves Samantha, a fetching strawberry blonde, who is an aspiring actress.

She meets an advertising executive who was a passenger on the plane. He offers her a job - for a prominent make-up campaign. The catch: she will have to let him have his way with her. She reluctantly agrees .. and he proceeds to ravage her. She wakes up later, it is twilight. In a daze, she picks up a weighty statue and hammers it into the head of her assailant. Then - she ends her own life by jumping off the balcony.

Starring Christina Hart, Paula Erikson, and Janet Wass.

Vendor recommendations:
This DVD is very hard to find .. the newest edition is a 2 DVD set with 3D glasses!

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