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Cast includes David Hasselhoff

Caroline Munro is very fetching

Best with:
Smirnoff Ice

Starcrash is a sexy fast-paced, low budget sci-fi feature. Most viewers will be checking out Caroline Munro's costume changes throughout movie's the 80 minutes.

Although produced around 1980, the special effects look like those from 1965 - laser beams look painted in, stop motion is dreadful, and space scenes are one step better than paper mache.

The movie starts with our heroine, Stella Star, barely escaping the Space Police as she jumps into hyperspace. Her navigator, Akton, has special powers, among them the ability to predict the future (he refuses to use it to any advantage, however).

The police eventually catch up with the duo, and sentence them to life in prison, hard labor.

Stella (in a nice leather number) manages to escape .. but runs into the police once again. It turns out the police want to recruit her, in a mission to find the lost prince, Simon (played by David Hasselhoff).

This is part of a larger plot which pits the evil Count Zarth Arn against the emperor (Christopher Plummer). A plot to destroy the Emperor's home planet draws the characters together for the climax, a battle in space.

There are several elements stolen from Star Wars (including the light sabre) .. which leaves you confused as to the intent of the screenwriter here.

In today's ratings environment, this movie would get a PG.

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